One question that’s asked sometimes is, “ What makes a divorce more expensive ?” Because they are not all the same price tag, some cost a lot more than others. I will tell you the main reason. If one of the clients is not cooperating, is perhaps mentally ill and therefore not making good decisions, they are not rational or reasonable, that runs up your legal fees.

Most cases that are tried to final trial it is because one person is very unreasonable and many times that is the reflection of a mental health disorder. It’s very difficult to reason or settle a case with a crazy person. I’m using crazy in a non-clinical sense. It’s not a clinical term, but you know what I mean. There are people out there that are very difficult to deal with. Having said that, almost every case that I have my client tells me that their spouse is highly unreasonable and crazy and we are never going to reach a settlement.

Despite that, my percentage probably exceeds the normal percentage of settlement. The normal percentage is: approximately 85% of cases settle. Even though most people think their spouse is the unreasonable crazy one, in many instances it is still someone we can settle with, someone that does understand that it is better for you to maintain as much of your estate as possible than to give it to the lawyers. It is better for you to put your kids through college than put my kids through college.
And that is something that I preach to my clients when I think my client is being unreasonable in order to bring them back to reality because they are in a highly emotional state. Divorce is a difficult time and I want my clients to do what is best for their family ultimately.