[Melinda] To a person I will NEVER forget both professionally and personally. I can see you now at the head of your conference room table playing the magic of collaborative law. I also liked very much your “numbers” guy! Best wishes for continued growth in your practice. – W.W


Melinda is very professional, sensitive, caring, and demonstrates that she will obtain results for her clients. She has outstanding skills in collaborative law. I highly endorse Melinda Eitzen. Thank you.- W.W


Alex, just want you to know I am so relieved and so happy. I’ve practically been doing back flips the whole night. Thank you! – R.E.


Holly and George, first of all, a heartfelt THANK YOU for all you have done, along with the paralegals and the rest of the staff. You made this process as easy as possible and I am grateful for your direction and sincerity. – B.C.


For anyone unfortunately going through the divorce process, I cannot recommend Lisa and her amazing staff enough. I truly was able to relax during the process knowing that my best interest was first and foremost Lisa’s priority. She fought for me, she guided me, she reassured me, she consoled me and took control over a situation, that for me, was completely out of control. I was able to focus on my children during this painful process, my own health and happiness, and all because worrying about my representation was the last thing on my mind. I KNEW I was in the best hands in Dallas! I can’t thank them enough for their hard work and dedication to my divorce. The results were amazing and the process smooth and efficient – D.B.


Melinda and her team were fantastic in handling my family law case. Utilizing her knowledge of the collaborative process made my particular case go as smooth as possible. Communication was easy and professional. I would definitely recommend Ms. Eitzen to friends and family. – A.M.


[Melinda] thanks so much for your help. This would not have happened without your expertise, commitment and compassion! – F.W.


After a three year divorce process and facing more post divorce legal challenges, I changed attorneys and hired Lisa Duffee of Duffee + Eitzen. In contrast to my prior attorneys, Lisa Duffee’s representation was proactively aggressive instead of passive. She pressed for reimbursement of attorney’s fees and succeeded in getting The Court to order my ex-husband to pay the fees. When he defaulted on agreements, she held my ex-husband accountable before the court and did not give him grace, as my prior attorneys had done multiple times. She listened to me, heard me and acted with conviction on my behalf. Lisa treated me with respect and showed compassion for my situation. Lisa fought for me. She billed me fairly and restored my belief that competent, client loyal attorneys really did exist and they could represent a client effectively without leaving them financially emaciated. Lisa was unfaltering in her care and commitment to me and my legal situation. I am extremely in debt to Peggy Richard, the Duffee and Eitzen paralegal who worked in tandem with Lisa. Peggy is exceptionally qualified, resourceful, highly intelligent, detail oriented, compassionate and committed. After working with Lisa and Peggy, I now believe my biggest regret regarding my divorce process is that I did not hire Duffee and Eitzen initially. – N.S.


Thank you! Melinda, you’re incredible. I’m so happy to have had the opportunity to meet you! – L.W.


Thank you, Melinda. Many thanks to you and Lindy for all your help through this difficult process. Couldn’t have done it without you. – D.S.


I never had to hire an attorney until I found myself getting divorced. As a stay home mom with three young children and a unexpected divorce in my lap, I wanted an attorney who had experience with divorce and the family court system. I wanted an attorney and staff that would understand the emotional process as well as the legal process. I feared I would not find a firm who made me feel like they had any skin invested in my legal and emotional welfare. Lisa and her staff eased these fears by going the extra mile to make me feel as though they were attempting to walk in my shoes during the process. I have been divorced over 5 years now and have needed her services for various other legal actions. At times I have needed a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen to me vent. I always know with this team it feels like I have someone fighting my battles as they would fight for themselves. – C.M.


Melinda, thank you for all the support and effort you put into the resolution of my marriage. I believe we did a wonderful job at coming to a fair solution for all parties involved and I could not have done it without you. – G.E.


[Melinda] I am so thankful for you and your team. Word of mouth goes a long way and I know who I will be using in the future if the need arises. Thanks again! – C.D & D.D.


Melinda’s patient approach and overall expertise were critical to a resolution in this matter. – M.B.


[Melinda]Thank you for working so hard on our case. It truly means the world to us. We have finally been blessed with you in our lives, doing the incredible work that you do. You have changed the way we view attorneys, in such a positive way. – N.R. & C.R.


I have had people say things that would make me distrust my legal representation, but I stick by my God-led decisions, good or bad, come hell or high-water. It had to be the Eitzen at Duffee & Eitzen. I talked to other lawyers, I told myself I was going to go with someone else, and I just couldn’t. So in my Lifetime for women movie they will have to get someone smart and beautiful to play Angel and Melinda, who were the champions that righted a horrible injustice before I moved forward to help it from happening to other idiots like myself. – M.L.


Melinda’s advice was spot on and helped achieve the desired results. – J.J. & D.J.


I was made to feel like my case was important to Melinda. – J.A.


Melinda, thank you for speaking at the Law Practice Management meeting on Monday. Everyone really enjoyed the presentation. I took away several good tips to help improve my practice. Thank you for taking the time away from your practice to help the attendees improve theirs. – B.H.


Thanks again for your support and terrific negotiating skills during Mediation. It was a very difficult day, but one that I am happy to have behind me. You [and Laura] are amazing! – A.T.


Linda, Melinda, Scott and all of my fellow attendees: My heart (and definitely my brain) are so full from my two days with you all in Dallas last week. I cannot thank you enough for welcoming this Florida girl into your training session despite all of my crazy alimony questions! I walked away from that training session feeling more informed about Collaborative Law, but also more confident in my career. I feel incredibly fortunate to have gotten the experience with you three trainers. As you know, my Dad thinks so highly of you and insisted that I go all the way to Dallas to be trained by you. Having gone through it, I now totally understand why travelling to you was necessary. To all of my classmates, thank you so much for being part of this experience with me! You are all such great people and I will truly be ECSTATIC if our paths cross again someday. Good luck to everyone in their Collaborative Law journeys. And if anyone ever comes to the Tampa area, I expect a call. – C.K.


[I] have used this firm three times. Alex has represented me twice. He did a great job both times. Melinda did a great job as well. – M.C.