After a three year divorce process and facing more post divorce legal challenges, I changed attorneys and hired Lisa Duffee of Duffee and Eitzen. In contrast to my prior attorneys, Lisa Duffee’s representation was proactively aggressive instead of passive. She pressed for reimbursement of attorney’s fees and succeeded in getting The Court to order my ex-husband to pay the fees. When he defaulted on agreements, she held my ex-husband accountable before the court and did not give him grace, as my prior attorneys had done multiple times. She listened to me, heard me and acted with conviction on my behalf. Lisa treated me with respect and showed compassion for my situation. Lisa fought for me. She billed me fairly and restored my belief that competent, client loyal attorneys really did exist and they could represent a client effectively without leaving them financially emaciated. Lisa was unfaltering in her care and commitment to me and my legal situation. I am extremely in debt to Peggy Richard, the Duffee and Eitzen Paralegal who worked in tandem with Lisa. Peggy is exceptionally qualified, resourceful, highly intelligent, detail oriented, compassionate and committed. After working with Lisa and Peggy, I now believe my biggest regret regarding my divorce process is that I did not hire Duffee and Eitzen initially.