Whether you and your spouse are seeking a divorce and need help with the division of joint assets and child custody issues or you’re facing a number of other family law problems, you can get the help you need by consulting with the professionals at Duffee & Eitzen L.L.P. The attorneys you’ll find here can assist with marital and premarital agreements, cohabitation agreements, annulment, common law marriage, emancipation of minors and more. With their help, you can be sure that each person in your family is given fair and feasible access to the resources, care and support that he or she needs. You can also protect the financial interests of both you and your loved ones.

Order Enforcement And Contempt Of Court

Among some of the other family law issues that Duffee & Eitzen are qualified to handle are enforcement and contempt of court. If you have an existing support order already in place but have not been collecting according to this binding agreement, your attorney can help you hold the other party accountable for his or her financial obligations. This can have a significant impact on your life quality and on the life qualities of any minor children that you are responsible for.

Getting Ready For Matrimony

Attorneys can also help couples make long-term plans to protect themselves and their individual financial interests before tying the knot. These professionals can assist in drafting premarital and marital agreements that protect both parties against extreme and unnecessary loss in the event of separation. Having these in place alleviates much of the financial tension that people often feel when making this major and life-altering commitment.

When dealing with unpaid spousal or child support or some other family law issue, seeking qualified help is the best way to get a swift and acceptable solution. Your provider can help you take appropriate action for ensuring that court orders are honored or for getting the appropriate court orders in place. Ultimately, attorneys can help you navigate the many complex legal processes that family law often entails with optimal success.