melinda-eitzen_0Melinda Eitzen, recently recognized by D Magazine as one of the “Best Women Lawyers in Dallas”, is an attorney on the forefront of the collaborative law movement in Texas, is a partner in the Dallas-Fort Worth area based family law practice of Duffee & Eitzen L.L.P.

Focused on multimillion dollar divorces, custody modifications, paternity cases, and premarital agreements, Melinda is highly experienced in all facets of family law, and well versed in managing high-profile cases. She is the daughter of beloved retired Judge, Merrill Hartman, who was a Dallas District Judge for 22 years on both the Civil bench and Family bench.

Melinda has utilized her expertise in the practice of Collaborative Law to pen, lectures, articles, and books on the subject including co-authoring Divorce The Collaborative Way. Is It The Way For You?. In addition, she has presented dynamic lectures on many family law issues and the practice of family law. She has received the distinction of being a “Super Lawyer” by Texas Monthly Magazine and one of the “Best Lawyers Under 40 in Dallas” by D Magazine. Melinda is the recipient of numerous awards, particularly for her pro bono work and for teaching others how to do pro bono work.

In previous years, Melinda has served as the President of the Plano Bar Association, as a chair of the Collaborative Law Alliance of Collin County, director of the Dallas Association of Young Lawyers, and director of Texas Young Lawyers Association. She is currently a chair of the Family Law Section of the Collin County Bar Association.