Our clients want to know, “How long until I’m divorced, how long will this take?” The short answer is that the average case takes three to six months. The long answer is that in Texas there is a sixty day waiting period from the date of the filing of the Petition for Divorce. So, the fastest you can get divorced in Texas is sixty one days, but it’s hard to get divorced that quickly. The first reason is because of the court’s dockets. If your case is going to court, the courts couldn’t get you in in sixty one days. And you have to give forty five days’ notice of a final trial. So, it is usually delayed.

Depending on the county you are in, this could lead to it being delayed even more than three to six months. The second reason is, if you are trying to reach a settlement, it just takes the lawyers and other professionals who are helping you some time, so collaborative cases usually also take about three to six months. If you have many difficult issues, your divorce will be on the longer side, probably closer to six months. If your case is simpler, or if you are in agreement, or you only have a couple of issues to resolve, your divorce will be on the shorter side. However, I tell most people to count on the process taking around three to six months.

There is the occasional case that takes a year, and usually that’s because the parties have put the case on hold, or perhaps they are trying to reconcile or perhaps they have something else going on at the time, or it’s because a court has pushed us several times and we keep getting set for trial but not getting reached, or it’s because the clients are being very difficult. I’m sure that would not be you, but there are some clients who can be very difficult. They have great trouble reaching an agreement and it takes them longer, therefore, to finalize their case.