Financial Readiness for Divorce

For many people, divorce is the largest financial transaction of their life.  Depending on your knowledge of finances and the length of your marriage, the financial aspects of divorce can be overwhelming.  However, it is important to look at the positive side of the situation.  A divorce forces people to identify their […]

What makes a divorce more expensive?

One question that’s asked sometimes  is “ what makes a divorce more expensive ?”  Because they are not all the same price tag, some cost a lot more than others.  I will tell you the main reason.  If one of the clients is not cooperating is perhaps mentally ill and therefore not making good decisions […]

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The Divorce Process

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How long does divorce take

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Legal rights of grandparents

Some of our clients want to know if grandparents have any rights in Texas. Do grandparents have legal rights to see their grandchildren just because it’s their grandchildren and they want to see them? The answer is barely.
This area of the law is very narrow. Prior to recent law changes, the fact that you were […]

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Dividing a Family Business in a Divorce

Many of the people that we represent own a business where either one or both of the parties have been working. Their question of course is, what happens to the business? Is the court going to force the sale of the business? That would be highly unlikely. It’s possible but highly unlikely. Typically how the […]

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Is my spouse “Hiding Money” from me

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How to Select A Lawyer by Melinda Eitzen

You can also read the transcription of this video below:

How to choose a Lawyer – Let’s talk about how to pick a lawyer.

It is important how you pick a lawyer and the selection of the lawyer in your case may be the most important decision you make in your case. A lawyer can highly impact […]

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