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Chris Pratt and Anna Faris: Legal Separation, Prenuptial Agreement, and More

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris called it quits after eight years of marriage, and we are still trying to shake off the heartbreak.  It’s no secret that both stars have had very prosperous careers, which led to accumulation of major assets along the way. This could make things complicated for the purposes of property division. […]

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Men and Women Experience Different Barriers to Successful Co-Parenting

Parents who become aware of potential barriers to cooperative co-parenting are best positioned to create a post-divorce co-parenting system that supports their own and their children’s well-being.  An article published by the National Council on Family Relations, entitled “Perceived Barriers to Coparenting: Differences Between Men and Women and Associations with Coparenting Behaviors,” suggests that men […]

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Collaborative Basic Interdisciplinary Training April 20-21, 2017

Join us for a two-day overview of the basics of collaborative practice for lawyers, financial professionals, and mental health professionals.  This is the first step in training for those who want to utilize the collaborative approach to conflict resolution in their practices.  The two days will include video clips, large & small group discussions, demos, […]

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Domestic Violence and Divorce

It’s important to address the issue of domestic violence and its impact on divorce. Divorce may trigger domestic violence or be the outcome of domestic violence. In either scenario, the process of divorce becomes even more daunting when domestic violence is involved.
What is domestic violence?
Domestic violence comes in many forms. The National Coalition for Domestic […]

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What Is The Best Way to Communicate With High Conflict People?

Not all people you encounter in your personal or professional life will be equipped to appropriately handle conflict.  These so-called “high conflict people” are difficult to deal with, mostly because they blame others for whatever the issue may be, while refusing to take any personal accountability for the problem or its solution. Sadly, these people […]

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Enforcing Child Custody Orders


There are three commonly-filed actions for enforcing child possession orders.

Filing a motion for contempt

When there is a clear court order that the other party has knowledge of and violates, you can ask the court to hold them in contempt. When filing a motion for contempt, you can ask the judge to hold the violating party […]

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What is an IEP? By George Shake

What is an IEP?

An Individualized Education Program (“IEP”) is a written educational plan for a student in special education.  The federal law governing special education in public schools (IDEA) requires that schools create a new IEP once a year for each student in special education in an ARD meeting (see Article #2 ‑ “What is […]

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Unreimbursed Medical Expenses by Alex Bolton

The issue of unreimbursed medical expenses is common among many clients. It will always be an issue in a SAPCR (Suit Affecting Parent-Child Relationship) where most of the time an obligor is ordered to reimburse incurred out-of-pocket medical expenses to the obligee. For example, a couple divorces and pursuant to their divorce decree, each parent […]

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Texas Supreme Court Allows Child Support Not Specified in Original Court Order- by Jodi Bender

Last Friday, June 24th, the Texas Supreme Court issued a ruling that allows courts to consider child support payments made in a manner not specified in a court order when confirming arrearages. In Oschner v. Oschner, a child-support order required Father to make payments through a state registry after his child graduated from the preschool […]

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What is an ARD? by George Shake

An ARD is a meeting between a parent and certain public school personnel to discuss a student’s special education program. These individuals make up the ARD committee and include a student’s parent, classroom teacher, a campus administrator, a special education teacher, and often other personnel who either work with the student or have expertise needed […]

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